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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Events In KIC

The tans will fade,
but the memories will last forever 

Yup....I enjoy my life in KIC.
There are many sweet memories with all my friends in KIC. 
Our college had held many events to foster our relationship.
I also learn the cultures and custom from the events.
Events that held in KIC are Merdeka Raya, Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Maulidur Rasul, .....
Now, I would like share my happiness with you all~~~
Dickinsonians are the best! I'm proud with you all.
Fight for the first place in the following events.
I strongly believe that we can do it.

Our class' performance 
Singing One Malaysia Song

Solo Indian Dance by Coreen A4

Chinese Dance

Malay Dance

This is the first event that I had participated in the last semester. So, it is the best memories for me...
Besides the performances, MPP also organised some games for us. 
One of the games is 
Cocunut Bowling
Such as creative game, used coconut to replace bowling.

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