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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My Hobbies ✽

First thing comes across my mind.....
Haha~~I think of sleeping....
Actually, I like watching drama & variety shows, listening to music,singing........
Okay, I just want to share with you all my favourite variety show which is watching Running Man!!!
I am sure everyone heard about it.
The MCs and guests need to complete missions in a landmark to win the race.

 I am really addicted to watch it. I think it is the funniest Korean variety shows... This shows brings a lot of happiness for me. It can help me to forget my stress.
I recommend you all to watch it~~

Yu Jae-suk
The best MC in Korea...haha

Gary & Song Ji-hyo
love Monday Couple  
 ../(,")\♥ ♥(".)
.../♥\. = ./█\.
.._| |_ .._| |_ ★

As cute as Pororo!!

Ji Suk-jin
"Big Nose Brother", the one who is easy to catch.

Kim Jong-kook
The strongest among members but like to act cute ◤(¬‿¬)◥

Lee Kwang-su
A betrayer and the one who is always bullied by other members.

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