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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My First Love

I would like to share my first and the only love with you all.
My present boyfriend is my first love.
He is older than me five years old.

How did we meet each other??

I still remember that I was 15 years old at that year.
We first met each other during an activity that organised by a Buddhist group which named as Fo Guang. After that, I decided to join this particular group. We met each other more often after joining it. We are just friends at that time. We always went out with a group of friends. But, the situation has changed after half year. I started to fall in love with him secretly. Just one person knows this secret which is my best friend.

Suddenly, one day which was his 21 years old birthday, he invited me to watch movie with him. I accepted his invitation. After that day, we always sent messages to each other. I can just describe that as an ambiguous period. He confessed with me but I do not accept him immediately. I accepted his confession during 1 January 2010. Such a beautiful day!!

My boyfriend and I

This year is our third years. I hope he and me can love forever.  Smiley

My Family

To my beloved followers:

What is family??
For me, family is a group of persons who have blood-related with you. They will never despise and abandon us.

My parents married for 21 years.
There are 6 family members.

Now, let's me introduce my family members.
Firstly, my father. He is a caring and responsible husband and father.
Next, my mother is a strict person.She tends to punish us whenever we did something wrong because she wants us to learn from mistakes.

My brother is a mischievous person. When we were small, he always bullied me and fought with me.

After that is my cute younger sister. Her hobbies are taking photos and listening to music. 
Oh!! I broke her secret...

Last but not least, my younger brother is a helpful person. So,he is the apple of my mother's eyes.

It symbols my relationship with my family is always connected.

I love my family very much!!! They are the persons who always give me spiritual support.
The love of a family is life's greatest blessing.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My Favourite Artist ✿♥‿♥✿

Show Luo is my favourite artist since I was at secondary school.
He is very handsome and humorous. This is the reasons why I love him so much. He is also very talented in dancing. He has a group of awesome dancers. He has been published nine albums throughout his career as a singer. He also performed in several drama such as Corner With Love, Hot Shot and Hi My Sweetheart.

Name: 羅志祥 / Luo Zhi Xiang
English name: Show Luo
Also known as: Xiao Zhu
Profession: Actor, Singer, Host
Birth date: 30 July 1979
Birth place: Taiwan
Height: 180cm
Weight: 68kg
Star sign: Leo
Chinese zodiac: Goat
Blood type: O

Now, he is trying hard to write his own of lyrics and song.
He is a person who always demands the best and works hard for his career.
He really cares about his fans.
He always calls his fans as his wifes.
Haha....It means I am his wife!! Smiley

Here is one of the funny videos in his show.

My Dream Wedding

I always dream to have a gorgeous wedding since I was small. Smiley
I have started to plan my own dream wedding from now.
For some people, it is too early to plan it.
But, my opinion is different.
I think that a good wedding plan should be planed early.
I had planed that it will be held on the beach.
I will invite my close friends and relatives during my engagement ceremony.

Next, I will invite all of my friends during my reception day at a high class hotel's ball room. I chose it because I would like to decorate my hall by my friends with my own idea. I also like to decorate the hall with the theme of my wedding. For example, the theme of the place that my future husband and I first met or other else...

Actually, I prefer the long of wedding dress with no sleeve.

 At first, I would like to wear this style of wedding dress enter my reception hall.

At the middle of the ceremony, I would like to change another two of wedding dress.

I hope my future husband will propose marriage with a diamond heart-shaped ring. It looks very elegance for me.

I love red rose. So, I would choose it as my wedding flower bouquet.

I also will buy a couple of teddy bear as a gift for the guests.
This will be the memories of my wedding to other people.

Lastly, I hope my dreams will come true in the future.
That's all from my dream wedding.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Cheers Up!!!

" Never give up, 
there is always tomorrow.
Because you never know,
tomorrow might be yours. "

Absolutely, we should not give up easily...
Don't dwell over an obstacle too long,
there will be a way for us.
We should be tough to face all the problems and try to solve them.
So, we will success in one day,
after we make an effort and study hard.
Let's achieve our goal in the future.
If you like my post, please comment on it. 
Thanks for your justice. 

Events In KIC

The tans will fade,
but the memories will last forever 

Yup....I enjoy my life in KIC.
There are many sweet memories with all my friends in KIC. 
Our college had held many events to foster our relationship.
I also learn the cultures and custom from the events.
Events that held in KIC are Merdeka Raya, Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Maulidur Rasul, .....
Now, I would like share my happiness with you all~~~
Dickinsonians are the best! I'm proud with you all.
Fight for the first place in the following events.
I strongly believe that we can do it.

Our class' performance 
Singing One Malaysia Song

Solo Indian Dance by Coreen A4

Chinese Dance

Malay Dance

This is the first event that I had participated in the last semester. So, it is the best memories for me...
Besides the performances, MPP also organised some games for us. 
One of the games is 
Cocunut Bowling
Such as creative game, used coconut to replace bowling.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My Hobbies ✽

First thing comes across my mind.....
Haha~~I think of sleeping....
Actually, I like watching drama & variety shows, listening to music,singing........
Okay, I just want to share with you all my favourite variety show which is watching Running Man!!!
I am sure everyone heard about it.
The MCs and guests need to complete missions in a landmark to win the race.

 I am really addicted to watch it. I think it is the funniest Korean variety shows... This shows brings a lot of happiness for me. It can help me to forget my stress.
I recommend you all to watch it~~

Yu Jae-suk
The best MC in Korea...haha

Gary & Song Ji-hyo
love Monday Couple  
 ../(,")\♥ ♥(".)
.../♥\. = ./█\.
.._| |_ .._| |_ ★

As cute as Pororo!!

Ji Suk-jin
"Big Nose Brother", the one who is easy to catch.

Kim Jong-kook
The strongest among members but like to act cute ◤(¬‿¬)◥

Lee Kwang-su
A betrayer and the one who is always bullied by other members.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Me ^^

Hi, my dear followers...

 19 years old 
 6 July 1993 
 Muar, Johor 
 A future teacher 
 A friendly & talkative girl 
 Pink, Purple 
 Cakes, chocolates,........ 
 MBLAQ, Show Luo, Rainie Yang 
 Hello Baby, Running Man 
 A Thousand Years, Jar Of Hearts, It's war, Fantastic Baby 
 Mr. Wee 

Thanks for following me~~~
.a.:* *.:a. *.:a*e.a.:.a.:* 
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