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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My Dream Wedding

I always dream to have a gorgeous wedding since I was small. Smiley
I have started to plan my own dream wedding from now.
For some people, it is too early to plan it.
But, my opinion is different.
I think that a good wedding plan should be planed early.
I had planed that it will be held on the beach.
I will invite my close friends and relatives during my engagement ceremony.

Next, I will invite all of my friends during my reception day at a high class hotel's ball room. I chose it because I would like to decorate my hall by my friends with my own idea. I also like to decorate the hall with the theme of my wedding. For example, the theme of the place that my future husband and I first met or other else...

Actually, I prefer the long of wedding dress with no sleeve.

 At first, I would like to wear this style of wedding dress enter my reception hall.

At the middle of the ceremony, I would like to change another two of wedding dress.

I hope my future husband will propose marriage with a diamond heart-shaped ring. It looks very elegance for me.

I love red rose. So, I would choose it as my wedding flower bouquet.

I also will buy a couple of teddy bear as a gift for the guests.
This will be the memories of my wedding to other people.

Lastly, I hope my dreams will come true in the future.
That's all from my dream wedding.

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