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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My First Love

I would like to share my first and the only love with you all.
My present boyfriend is my first love.
He is older than me five years old.

How did we meet each other??

I still remember that I was 15 years old at that year.
We first met each other during an activity that organised by a Buddhist group which named as Fo Guang. After that, I decided to join this particular group. We met each other more often after joining it. We are just friends at that time. We always went out with a group of friends. But, the situation has changed after half year. I started to fall in love with him secretly. Just one person knows this secret which is my best friend.

Suddenly, one day which was his 21 years old birthday, he invited me to watch movie with him. I accepted his invitation. After that day, we always sent messages to each other. I can just describe that as an ambiguous period. He confessed with me but I do not accept him immediately. I accepted his confession during 1 January 2010. Such a beautiful day!!

My boyfriend and I

This year is our third years. I hope he and me can love forever.  Smiley

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